Information before the EAV examination
EAV / electro-acupuncture by Dr. Voll / is a diagnostic method which provides info about the energetic situation of the acupuncture pathways. Since the momentary state of the acupuncture pathways is influenced by a large amount of different factors, it is necessary to create conditions as conducive as possible for the time of the examination.

Therefore we would kindly like to ask you :
  • Not to drink coffee, alcohol or smoke the evening before the day of the examination
  • Get enough sleep
  • Not to consume coffee and sweets and also not to drink alcohol or smoke the morning before the ex.
  • To avoid or at least minimise the use of perfumes, creams, make up etc.
  • While choosing clothing to avoid synthetic materials which can create static electricity
  • On the day of the examination to only take the necessary medication. They include especially medication treating heart action, insulin, asthma medication etc. Taking other medication should be interrupted on that day, but we recommend consulting this issue with your normal practicioner, a specialist or the PAIN doctor, if in doubt. This consultation should prevent possible health problems caused by interrupting the medication.
  • During the examination it is necessary to put aside metal accessories such as necklaces, rings, watches or metal coins and keys from your pockets. Also belts, tight scarves and other such objects are not recommended for the examination.
It is not possible to complete the examination:
  • during menstruation
  • during acute infections or diagnosed chronic illness
  • immediately after vaccination
Before we will discuss the results of the EAV examination, we would like to stress the following: it is necessary to keep in mind that even though the classical doctor and the doctor assessing the EAV may use the same medical vocabulary, its meaning may differ in a major way. We know from our experience that the patient can get very alarmed when we e.g. talk about high values on the pathways of the heart or the circulation pathway. Some patients understand this information the same way as if they were informed of a pathological EKG with a serious finding. The same could be said about comparing the AEG with a laboratory, X-ray, ultrasound or other examinations. During the EAV we identify disorders on the bio-energetic level which are very subtle and may not be identified by the classical methods at all. These classical methods can diagnose more advanced disorders, mostly on the pathologic-anatomic level, where they are more suitable than EAV. We are aware that public knowledge of this medical area is rather limited compare to the knowledge of classical medicine and therefore we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. In this way we would like to prevent possible misunderstandings on both sides.