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Is a treatment approach which should always be based on the cooperation between a client and a therapist, while both are active participants of the healing process. It works mainly with psychological contents, helps the client to find understanding of psychological functioning of his inner and outer world and possibly choose other alternatives for improving the quality of their life. The range of used techniques can be very wide and should be always chosen with regards to the client’s needs.

Bach’s Flower Therapy

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With the use of flower essences helps to stabilise the client’s mental state and thereby enables them to deal in a better way with difficult life situations. It is used in acute stress situations, in extreme emotional stress, for renewing life- and self-healing powers and processes, in the times, when the client needs support. It can also be beneficial to connect this approach with psychotherapy or other techniques supporting the client in finding a healthy way of life in their environment. Based on an individual consultation a concrete combination of flower essences is chosen which mirrors the client’s state. It is advisable to modify the mixture according to the changes reached.


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Homeopathy is a holistic treatment, which uses remedies made in a specific way by diluting and multiplying the potency of herbs, minerals and living organisms. Through the homeopathic bio-energetic information is given to body, thanks to which the physical, emotional and mental processes are regulated. The remedy is chosen based on comparing the symptoms of an illness of a certain person with an “image” of the medicine. Before choosing the medicine a longer homeopathic interview with the client takes place, during which the doctor asks the patient not only about the symptoms of the illness, but also other areas, which seemingly don’t have connection with the illness e.g. sleep, temperature comfort, emotional tuning, job or family situation. All this helps the homeopath to understand the process of the illness in wider context and to find the most suitable medicine.


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Acupuncture is a holistic treatment during which levelling of the bio-energy of acupuncture pathways takes place by stimulating acupuncture points on the skin. There are 14 acupuncture pathways in total and they pass through the skin of the whole body from head to heel. Stimulation is carried out by using acupuncture needles, laser, moxibustion, magnets or by other ways. With the classical needle acupuncture, one session lasts about 30 minutes. The number of sessions is individual, mostly 5-10.

Co-operation between the Doctors and the Psychologist

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In our care centre it is possible to cooperate with a doctor and a psychologist at the same time, but it is not compulsory. For some clients it has proven beneficial to use both the psychotherapeutic and homeopathic and acupuncture treatments. The simultaneous influencing of the somatic and mental parts of the personality helps to effectively use the self-healing powers of the system and a better understanding of the context of the client’s problems.

  • Client’s, doctor’s and psychologist’s approval.
  • The client’s can request discretion between specialists, and in this case the request is strictly honoured.
  • The client can request a session with both specialists present. Also the psychologist or the doctor can recommend such a session.
  • The client can terminate the cooperation with one or both specialists at any time within the agreed conditions. Termination of cooperation with one of the specialist has no effect on the cooperation with the other specialist.
  • We do not recommend an individual interview with both the doctor and the psychologist on the same day.
You can find further information about our specialisation and approach in the magazines Psychasom, Homeopatické listy etc.