the Pain Care Centre
Pain s.r.o.

Dukelských hrdinů 13
Prague 7

tel.: 233 379 053

The Pain Care Centre specializes in pain treatment and psychotherapeutic help. During the treatment we try to find the cause, identify the connection between various symptoms, organ disorders, mental states, dental problems, we try to understand natural daily and seasonal rhythms, the individuality of the patient, his/her job, family situation etc.

We follow the holistic approach to the treatment of chronic illnesses, allergies, functional disorders of the digestive tract, breathing, nervous system, skin problems and other disorders of functional nature.

For treatment we mostly use acupuncture, homeopathy a psychotherapy as the main therapy. As the auxiliary therapies we also use other methods, such as Bach's Flower Therapy, rebox, cupping-glasses or aromatherapy. We base the homeopathic treatment on the original philosophy and principles of treatment as they were formulated by the founder of homeopathy Dr. Hahnemann. For this approach the term “classical homeopathy” is still used in our country.

Since we are able to stimulate the acupuncture points not only by needles, but also by laser, our patients are adults as well as children. With children the laser-acupuncture has the advantage of not being stressed by the injection and expectation of pain of the classical needle acupuncture. Because of the good reactivity of children the laser-acupuncture has very good results with them.
In accordance with the holistic approach, our care centre also provides psychotherapy. It is understood as an independent branch of medicine which helps the clients to cope in difficult life situations. We also offer some types of basic psycho diagnostics.

We use psychotherapy in combination with acupuncture and homeopathy. The treatment, focusing on both psychological and physical problems at the same time, helps to strengthen the anchoring of changes in the physical and mental systems of the patient. Our experience shows that the appearance of somatic symptoms during the psychotherapy or the appearance of psychical blocks during somatic treatment is a difficult point in the process of healing. If during the treatment of the body psychological problems are not given sufficient attention, or the other way round, it can result in the worsening of the problems or in return of the initial, already-cured stages of the sickness. Therefore we try in the indicated situations to establish an open co-operation of the doctor and the psychologist.

To gain a complete picture of the client’s health state, also use some classical diagnostic methods such as RTG, ultrasound, computer tomography, magnetic resonance and blood and microbiological tests. For examining of the energetic situation of the acupuncture pathways we use the examination by electroacupuncture by Dr. Volla (EAV). We use the results to help us to choose the therapeutic acupuncture points and homeopathy or nosodes.

We also offer acupuncture programmes of treatment of obesity and giving-up smoking.

We advise our patients, after the treatment of their initial problems, to pay attention to eating and sleeping habits, exercise, correct breathing, relaxation and rest.