Treatment fully covered by health insurance
Basic examination
Blockage of the brachial plex
Blockage of peripheral nerve
Injection treatment of the trigeminus nerve
The root blockage of the spine

Treatment fully covered by the patient Price
Acupuncture (body, auriculoculotherapy, laser, magnetotherapy) 450,-
Laser Acupuncture 150,-
Electro-acupuncture by Dr. Voll (EAV) without nosodes 720,-
Control EAV examination 360,-
Rebox 240,-
Acupuncture programme for losing weight 360,-
Acupuncture programme for giving up smoking 360,-
Initial homeopathic interview 1300,-
Control homeopathic interview 600,-
Laser local application (scars, swellings etc.) 80,-
Cupping Glasses 80,-
Permanent magnets 60,-
Couple and family therapy (50 minut) 1200,-
Individual psychological counselling (50 minut) 900,-

Bank account number: 201952649/0300