PhDr. Zuzana Vondřichová, Ph.D.

telephone number:
775 954 422


Psychology and logics at FF UK ( Philosophical Faculty of Charles’ University in Prague), specialised course in psychology, postgraduate studies of psychology

Professional Experience:

Counselling service for family, marriage and interpersonal relationships in Prague and Česká Lípa, Consulting and Therapeutic Institute of Prague – AKTIP, Pain Care Centre, Hot Line, lecturing e.g:. Metropolitan University of Prague, W Studio, Hot Line. I am a member of the Association of Marriage and Family Counsellors, and the Czech Institute for Supervision.

Long-term Courses and Trainings:

Couple Therapy Training (Gestalt Assoticates Training Los Angeles), Psychoanalysis applied in the couple and family therapies, Training in Family Therapy,Training in Integrative Supervision CIS, Certificate of the marriage and family counsellor, Gestalt therapy

Other Courses:

Anchoring Experience – focusing, Psychosomatics, Energy-informatics and personality, Interpersonal Communication - strategy and techniques, Imaginative techniques, Rational – emotive therapy, Relaxation techniques, Seeking, treatment and development of the inner child, Short strategic therapy, Divorce counselling and therapy, Therapy focused on body, Erikson’s hypnotics, Conversational and co-operative therapy, Therapeutic Socratic dialogue, Holotropic breathwork and Story treatment.

Philosophy of co-operation with client:

Psychological counselling and therapy following the holistic philosophy are focused on searching one’s own way in dealing with difficult life situations and during self development. I mainly use the methods of gestalt therapy which is known for its respect of the client’s world and needs and also psychosomatic approaches that pay attention to not only mental, but also somatic manifestations of the client’s problems and needs.
On the personal level, I work with the clients on their mental needs and bodily signals. The goal is to find the client’s personal style, in which they can successfully deal with life difficulties.
On the social level, together with the client I strive to understand and realize their social environment and incorporate their personal changes into their family and relationship contexts.
Together we contemplate the connections of the problems with their family life, partner relationship and wider surroundings. It’s not only important to change or accept things. It is also necessary to consider the client’s current mental and physical state and through the contact with one’s self freely and responsibly choose possible solutions, or possibly under the safety of professional supervision to explore new approaches to life.
Using the life crises and difficult situations for personal growth should be the secondary asset of the therapy.

In co-operation with a doctor we try to grasp the client’s problems in their whole extent and treat them on both the mental and physical level. This approach enables continual process of overcoming the treatment difficulties and helps the client to actively influence the direction of their own progress. Awareness of the connectedness between the physical and mental problems alone has an impact on influencing both sides of the client’s self. This reflects the holistic approach of our care centre.

I offer help in the following situations:
  • psychosomatics (physical problems and illness and their mental image)
  • self-development and self-conception
  • interpersonal relationship problems
  • family and marriage crises
  • communication problems
  • stress
  • developmental crises
  • loneliness
  • psycho-diagnostics – personal profile, couple compatibility test
Most frequently used techniques:
  • communicative
  • imaginative
  • art-therapeutic
  • relaxation
  • educative, using literary sources
  • work with dreams
  • work with body and bodily symptoms